NBC’s Saturday Night Live brought pasta and kissing to a parody skit that was purposely offensive and hilarious. Actress Scarlett Johansson, who made her fifth appearance as host, starred in the Olive Garden sketch along with SNL cast members Leslie Jones, Mikey Day and Kenan Thompson.

The sketch features a set of couples starring in a commercial for the popular restaurant chain. Day plays Johansson's partner, while Thompson plays Leslie's boo.

SNL member Beck Bennett portrays a super racist director who directs the couple to perform some racially stereotypical reactions in the ad. At one point, the director tells Jones’ character to be more overzealous when looking at the menu. “Oh lawdy, I must be heaven,” he tells her with added stereotypical emphasis.

The director then asks the group to demonstrate different kisses that would appeal to different markets. "For the Small Town Blue Shirt [Day], give Blond Hair [Johansson's character] a little kiss on the cheek," he tells them.

"And for the one neighborhood in Atlanta, let me see Yellow Top [Jones' character] plant one on Blond Hair," he says, drawing shocked reactions from Jones and Johansson. The director then orders, "And lips, please!"

The highlight of the sketch comes when the director orders the couples to fake orgasms while reacting to eating pasta. The end result is hilarious. The look of Jones' orgasmic face is priceless.

Overall, Lesile Jones and Scarlett Johansson delivers a memorable kiss and funny orgasmic faces in their Olive Garden parody skit. Watch it above.

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