After helping the Cleveland Cavaliers reach their first NBA Championship, LeBron James sat down with ESPN's Scott Van Pelt and alluded that Jay Z's "A Star is Born," which features J. Cole, aided in him taking home the W in Game 7.

For those who aren't familiar with Hov's near-three-minute track, it recognizes the talent that's come and gone in hip-hop over the years. But as icons have come and gone, he's still remained on top. Or in his words, "I'm like the map for 'em." So it's no surprise that the king of Cleveland turns up to the Brooklyn legend for inspiration on and off the court. For 13 years, he's reigned from Cleveland to Miami, and while he's not this year's MVP, his skills are (typically) unbeatable.

“I just always go back to the Jay Z song ‘A Star is Born.'” James told Van Pelt. “You guys back in the studio go look it up, listen to it. I just always listen to that and I always stay true to the game. I know what I’m capable of, not only on the floor but also off the floor as well, with my leadership and what I bring to the table.”

But this isn't the first time LeBron has referenced Jay Z as an influence. Just four weeks ago, James has referenced Jay Z “Streets Is Watching” when answering a question about retaliating against opponents. “If I shoot you, I’m brainless/But if you shoot me, you’re famous.”

Need a little inspiration of your own? Check out Bron's go-to track below.


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