While Odd Future's antics have gained Tyler, The Creator and his rap team fans in high schools and colleges nationwide, their homophobic and misogynistic lyrics have also raised the ire of their fellow artists, like Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara, and gay anti-defamation group GLAAD.

In a recent interview with Spinner, Kathleen Hanna, frontwoman of electro-dance group Le Tigre, discussed her feelings about the controversial West Coast upstarts, urging critics to ignore them.

While Hanna, a longtime feminist activist and founder of legendary Riot Grrrl band Bikini Kill, was at first hesitant to discuss the group, claiming that "they don't seem that interesting," she then went on to advise offended parties to simply stop listening them.

"I feel like, if you don't want to listen to them, don't listen to them," Hanna told Spinner. "If you do want to listen to them, do listen to them. I couldn't really comment about on exactly what their lyrics are about, because I haven't gotten that deep into it. But if people are writing lyrics that piss you off, hurt your feelings and make you feel like s---, don't listen to it."

Hanna continued to admonish Odd Future critics to forego boycotting the group, contending that negative attention only serves to add fuel to the fire.

"I don't think the best idea is to have a boycott," Hanna argued. "Just don't talk about them and they'll go away. The more you talk about them, the more attention they get. Tegan and Sara fans probably wouldn't even know this band existed if they weren't talking about them. I find the whole conversation kind of boring. There are so many great artists that are doing interesting things, that I don't want to focus on boring people."

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