KuruptWest coast rapper Kurupt has announced plans to reunite his '90s super group, The 4Hrsmn, which featured fellow Cali rapper Ras Kass, Wu-Tang affiliate Killah Priest and Canibus.

Though the group collaborated on album tracks on each others' solo releases, and a collection of outtakes was leaked in 2001, a proper group record never materialized.

"Me and M-Eighty [Wu-Tang A&R] is putting this plan together to do this right," Kurupt explained in a recent interview. "We gonna rack up Cani, Ras, Priest. We are going to put together one of the best albums you can possibly hear. It's definitely going to be the best Horseman album we've ever done. We're about to bottle it all up and sell it in a drink."

Kurupt further explained that M-Eighty, who is executive producing Canibus' forthcoming album 'Melatonin Magik,' and also worked on the Canibus/Keith Murray collaborative project 'Undergods,' will be providing much-needed direction, which the group lacked in the past.

"We never really had that, so I had a long talk with M-Eighty and we are putting that together now," Kurupt said. "We are putting the structure to it and we are going to give yell one of these classic, major hip-hop albums."

While there's no word as to when the album will be released, nor which label it will be on, we're sure the fans are psyched.

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