Legendary hip-hopper KRS-One is back with a new album that’s full of lyricism and hard-hitting boom-bap production. The Blastmaster just released The World Is MIND, an independent effort that’s available for streaming and downloading at Bandcamp.com.

KRS may be from the golden era of hip-hop, but he still has enough lyrical fire in his belly to burn any present-day MC that wants to test him. On the 15-song collection, the Bronx legend shows why he is, arguably, one of the greatest rappers in the history of hip-hop.

On “Keep Clicking” (featuring Shai), KRS spits hardcore bars coherently in both english and in an African language to show listeners that he’s a global MC. On “Out for Fame,” KRS reflects on his days as a young graffiti artist tagging subway cars in New York.

KRS-One is known for his braggadocios rhymes and he delivers on “Show Respect” and “Same S---.” But he’s also known for his political songs and on the cautionary track “You Ain’t Got Time,” KRS urges listeners to wake up as he proclaims that white supremacy is in total control at the White House.

Overall, KRS-One’s The World Is MIND is album that full of substance and no filler. If you are a fan of lyricism and head-nodding beats, then this is the album you should be supporting and listening to.

KRS-One is back and he hasn’t missed a beat. Check out his new project below.

Listen to KRS-One's Album The World Is MIND

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