Bone Thugs-N-Harmony founding member Krayzie Bone has announced that he is leaving the group to focus on his solo career and his record label, The Life Entertainment.

"I will no longer be part of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony," Krayzie revealed in his official 'Goodbye BTNH Update' video on Thursday morning (April 14).

"Due to uncontrollable circumstances, it's basically time for me to move on and start embarking on different endeavors that I've already had planned in my life," Krayzie Bone said. "[I'm trying] to go another level in this music game, and just trying to grow and become greater an what I do, and concentrate on the new generation of artists that I have and puttin' back into the up and coming artists, the new fresh talent that's coming about."

The group has undergone their share of ups and downs over their 20-year-history, losing Flesh to prison for over a decade and Bizzy to mental illness, before finally reuniting as a five-man group last year, and releasing a new album 'Uni5: The World's Enemy.'

Despite recently airing many of his grievances about the group's various behind-the-scenes battles, Krayzie said that he bears his former partners -- two of whom are his brothers -- no ill will. "It's been a great 20-year run with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, I have nothing to complain about," he explained.

Discovered by Eazy-E in 1993, Bone went on to shape the face of Midwest rap with their melodic, sing-song flows and rapid delivery, building an incredibly loyal fan base in a part of the country previously uncharted by hip-hop, working with everyone from Tupac, Biggie and Big Pun to Mariah Carey.

"I thank all the fans for supportin' me with Bone for over 20 years and I hope y'all will continue to support me on these future endeavors," Krayzie concluded. "It ain't nothin' but love. I love y'all. Thanks for all your support, thanks for everything you've done. We had some great times ... but it is what it is."

Watch Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's 'Tha Crossroads'
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