Krayzie Bone has teamed up with legendary midwest deejay, Big Heff, to conduct an artist search in Ohio with his Cleveland Is The City Project.

The aim is to not only shine some light on Cleveland, which is Krayzie's group, Bone Thugs N Harmony's hometown, but also to bridge the gap between older and newer generations of artists.

"I came to Big Heff a few years back and I told him that I wanted put together an underground compilation of artist that were strictly Cleveland, Ohio. We agreed to work together on the project to make it happen. However it wasn’t done on the scale that I would’ve like to have seen it done on but, it gave me a chance to really seek out, and find a lot of raw talent in The Land,” Krayzie Bone explained, per AllHipHop.

Big Heff currently hosts the Big Heff Radio Show, which is now syndicated on 16 different stations throughout the Midwest, so the connection made sense for Krayzie. In the end, it's about making sure that Cleveland stays on the map by putting out fresh talent.

“I'm really looking forward to working with some new artists and producers to bridge the generations of our culture," Big Heff said, according to AllHipHop. "Bone Thugs & Harmony put Cleveland on the map, this project is to make sure we remain there."


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