In today’s day and age, when a hip-hop fan has a question about a lyric, they usually head to the Genius site, but when you’re Kodak Black, you can head straight to the source for your answers.

During a recent stream on Instagram Live, Kodak found himself questioning a lyric in Future’s “Coming Out Strong.” On the song, Future raps, “It’s hard to tell the real stories from the fake ones (stick) / Cause nowdays if they don’t got it they’ll make one / The only time I feel alive is when I take (stick).”

After hearing the lyric, Kodak wondered what it could mean.

“I gotta call my n---- Future, cause we be talking like business s---, like CEO s---. On some real n---- s---, like want to see a young n---- win and s---. But I gotta hit him up and ask him this question and s--... I’m doing it on [Instagram] Live, I probably shouldn’t have even did this on Live.”

Kodak eventually did get in touch with Future who revealed the lyric was referencing taking a pill.

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