UPDATE: J. Cole has released a new version of 'Drank In My Cup,' which was actually a freestyle and not an official remix. The North Carolina native explained that the version Kirko Bangz released was not approved. "This is the original freestyle. How it was supposed to be heard before n----s violated and chopped my shit," he wrote. Check out his freestyle.

Houston rapper Kirko Bangz calls on Roc Nation signee J. Cole to turn the heat up on the remix to the southern-dipped ode 'Drank in My Cup,' an exclusive on The BoomBox. Bangz doesn't just offer up a new verse from his rap affiliate; he also showcases some new lines of his own.

"I'm H-town, player made, your girl up in my player ways/ I'm comin' through with 'sace shades just to match my pinky rings," the 22-year-old Warner Bros. Records entertainer rhymes.

Bangz, a former Prairie View A&M University student, continues to touch on getting a lovely lady to bed, just like the original track, before J. Cole comes in and boasts about his accomplishments.

"Went from crappin' in diapers to rappers in cyphers/ To doin' mo' numbers than all the f---in' lifers in Rikers," J. Cole raps. "I love a bad bitch with confidence/ Your smile nice, your style right/ And girl you got some mean thighs/ So this right here is mean time in between time."

Kirko Bangz' current mixtape 'Procrastination Kills 3' serves as the precursor for his debut LP on Wanrer Bros. Records.

Listen to J. Cole's Freestyle on Kirko Bangz' 'Drank in My Cup'

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