Rapper T.I. has been quietly serving his one-year sentence in federal prison, but according to Grand Hustle artist Killer Mike, he carries guilt for not being around to lend physical support to his team.

Mike, who is gearing up for the release of his album 'PL3DGE,' revealed that Tip attempted to tie up all loose business ends before beginning his sentence last year, including his feature on the album's lead single, 'Ready Set Go.'

"I needed him to shoot the video before he went to jail and instead of spending that night before he went to jail with his family, he spent it shooting a video with me," Mike told MTV News. "So, if that's any expression to how dedicated he is on helping see the artists on Grand Hustle-- or associated with Grand Hustle -- win then that's it."

Since he has been locked up T.I. has done what he can to advise Mike, but expressed guilt for not being able to physically help promote his record. Referencing one email correspondence in particular, Mike was nearly brought to tears by Tip's dedication to his business.

"It almost brought a tear to my eye, because when Tip hit back, the only thing he could say was that he was sorry that he's not out to help promote [the album] and push it and [that] he loves the fact that I'm finally gettin' the look I deserve and how's [Grand Hustle artist Young] Dro," he continued. "It's just like, you're in prison and you care more about how our tour is doin' and our songs than us feeling bad about you being in prison."

Despite his back-to-back sentences and admission that he is addicted to drugs, Mike hopes that T.I.'s latest predicament does not diminish his character. "I know the public perceives him one way, but you just don't meet human beings who are able to surpass where they are physically in their space and care more about the happenings of other people, and him feeling bad that his incarceration is adversely affecting us, he's an amazing man for that."

Last November, T.I., born Clifford Harris Jr., began serving his 11-month sentence at the same Arkansas prison he was released from in 2009. He was busted on parole violation charges after he was found to be under the influence of ecstasy following a traffic stop in Los Angeles. He is expected to be release Sept. 29.

Watch Killer Mike's 'Ready Set Go' feat. T.I.

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