Killer Mike has become the go-to rapper when media outlets are looking for a musician’s political take on issues, and during a recent run-in with TMZ in Los Angeles, the Run the Jewels rapper was asked for his thoughts on Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

When told that President Donald Trump may be replacing Sessions as Attorney General with Giuliani, Killer Mike replied, “I hope not, but Jeff is pretty bad too.”

The rapper then compared the two, saying Giuliani has at least dealt with other cultures before but said both support the racist drug war.

“At least Giuliani has had to deal with other cultures... At least he’ll be open. I don’t think either one of them are better than the other cause both of them support drug war which is a racist thing. But Sessions scares the s--- out of me. I wouldn’t pick either.”

Killer Mike also had some advice for American voters, saying they need to care about local elections more than national elections.

“What you should care about now is who’s running local. I care about who’s gonna be the next mayor of Atlanta, who’s gonna be on my city council… You guys should probably see who you should be supporting.”


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