Atlanta rapper and Adidas enthusiast Killer Mike is best known for his work with OutKast and his 2003 album 'Monster.' After signing with T.I.'s Grand Hustle label, Mike made some changes to his name and began working with his hip-hop big brother, Big Boi.

The rapper sat down with Spinner at SXSW to discuss his affinity for Chuck Taylors and his newest project 'PL3DGE.'

"Supporters still call me Killer Kill or Killer Mike. And that's fine, but you know I do a lot of high-school work and I like to do work with ... U.S. soldiers and stuff," he says. "The name Killer Mike had prevented me from doing some pretty important work, so I did an official name change of Mike Bigga."

Watch the full interview with Killer Mike below and visit AOL Music's SXSW site for more Live from Austin video interviews.

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