Killer Mike's job could cost him his life.

The Grand Hustle MC, who is known for infusing a political strain in his lyrics, says that his rhymes might just turn him into a hip-hop martyr. "I got concerns that they're gonna kill me," he told HipHopDX. "I've got concerns that unless enough people wake up and pay attention to what I'm saying, either I'm going to have to stop saying it or I'm going to get killed for saying it -- one or the other.

"When I say 'they,' [that's] anybody who has those three letters in their title. Usually it's an alphabet boy or some type saying, 'I'm the GFI--Governmental Federal Investigators.' But I do have fears of dying young, based on the things I say. I say things that Jesus, Dr. King, Malcolm X and Che Guevara said. I also say stuff that Fred Hampton, [Alprentice] 'Bunchy' Carter and Huey Newton said."

Although he sites his possible enemies as the federal government, and those affiliated, he's been known to turn a few people off in the hip-hop world as well. Mike has taken more than a few shots at Jay-Z and 50 Cent, accusing them of stealing his rap style and his beats.

His new album, 'PL3DGE,' drops May 17.

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