Killer Mike went on Instagram to clarify his previous comments that black voters should "stay the f--- home" if their political leaders are asking for their vote but offering nothing in return.

Basically, his clarification for "stupid, manipulators and unintelligent" folks is what he's been saying since the very beginning of the election cycle—vote locally because local politics affect your daily lives in a very specific way.

“I’m voting locally,” he offered on Instagram yesterday (Nov. 6). “You should vote locally. When you got to that booth, who are your prosecutors, who are your judges, who’s handling sanitation, who are your senators?”

He further clarified his stance saying that people, particularly black people, should always ask for something in return for their vote.

“Get out and vote. I’m just saying when you vote, ask for something back," he said. "The day after have your hat out saying ‘this is what my community needs.'”

Specifically, Mike, who was an early, vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders and has just as adamantly expressed his disdain for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, says black people need to push for laws and issues that directly affect them. These issues include weed decriminalization, allowing former felons to get into the marijuana business, federal prosecution for cops who kill, restoration of the voting rights act and land grants in the support of black farmers, who've virtually been wiped out due to continued federal and local loan discrimination.

Mike has been involved in local Atlanta politics and community organizing for years now--and was largely responsible for the push for the black community to move its money to black-owned banks, which hit a fever pitch over the summer following the killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

At any rate, you can read Mike's comments and clarification on his voting stance below. Election day is tomorrow, Nov. 8. Click here to find your local polling location.

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