Rapper Supa Sport has been indicted as the ringleader of a drug trafficking organization responsible for distributing heroin, crack, cocaine and marijuana.

The Detroit-repping, New Jersey-based MC -- born Carl Barnett -- was arrested by the DEA on June 10, and is being charged, along with 14 fellow members of his crew, the Detroit Boyz, with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

As an MC, Supa Sport recently released a mixtape entitled 'Life in da Fastlane,' which featured 8Ball & MJG, Lex Luger, Meek Mill and Atlanta rappers Killer Mike and Alley Boy. As Carl Barnett, or his street aliases "Pizzo," "Marcale Hill" or "Mark Hill," he allegedly ran the Detroit Boyz drug ring, coordinating the drug acquisitions, processing, packaging and resale out of an auto body shop in Morrisville, N.J. Barnett and the Detroit Boyz also customized vehicles with secret drug transportation compartments, and frequently traveled to Georgia to purchase cocaine -- and perhaps to record -- which they then distributed throughout the Trenton, N.J. area.

The 77-page indictment states that the DEA employed an informant to infiltrate the Detroit Boyz, and includes a sampling of Supa Sport's lyrics, which likely provided similar information. On his Killer Mike-featured 'Days Like This,' the alleged drug trafficker boasts about selling "powder to the rocks and E's for the poppers," before lamenting, "The Feds takin' flicks ... They tappin' my phones, invadin' all my privacies."

If found guilty, Supa Sport faces a minimum penalty of five years in prison, and a maximum of 40 years, plus a $5 million fine.

Listen to Supa Sport's 'Days Like This' feat. Killer Mike

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