He doesn't do it as much as say, Kanye West or The Game, but Kid Cudi has been known to vent his frustrations on social media, and this time he's targeting some of his fellow musicians.

In a series of tweets, Cudi vehemently expressed his disdain with today's artists, saying most of them aren't as great as they think they are. At first, the tweets were relatively vague.

"I need ya'll to know I got so many haters within the industry, and these clowns know I'm 'bout to crush their entire existence," wrote Cudi. "Everyone thinks they're so great. Talkin' top 5 and be having 30 people write songs for them."

Of course, people took that as a shot at Drake, who has routinely been accused of using ghostwriters. Cudi then took the time to mention artists who he does respect, including A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott, but says as far as the others, he's done remaining quiet.

"I keep silent because I dont ever wanna come off like some angry hater, but today, not only do I feel fantastic, Im feelin like taking over," he wrote.

Then things got real because Cudi finally got very specific, and name-dropped Drake and Kanye West.

"My tweets apply to who they apply. Ye, Drake, whoever," he wrote. "These n----a dont give a f--- about me. And they aint f---in with me. N----s keep you close when they see how powerful you are by yourself. When they see your greatness. Out of fear."

Cudi said he's finished with being "loyal" to people who haven't shown him the same respect.

"Ive been loyal to those who haven't been to me and that ends now. Now im your threat," he wrote. "Anybody got a issue with my words im glad. If you feel me, dont be scared to use your voice. I was for so long out of blind loyalty. From here Ill let the music speak. As you were, peace and love to my supporters and true ones."

Check out the tweets below.



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