When it comes to Kevin Gates, the words that come out of his mouth, especially on Instagram, are guaranteed to be controversial.

The "I Don't Get Tired" rapper continued his streak of saying exactly what's on his mind -- no matter how outlandish -- in a new video on the social network. This time, he's venting his frustrations over the nation's Commander in Chief, President Barack Obama.

“N----s so stupid, talking ’bout a change gon’ come,” Gates said. “[Since] Obama been in office I done buried more of my n----s and more family than I ever did in my life. All he did was f--- a n---- money up since he been in office. Please get this n---- out of office.”

Of course, that statement sent fans and critics into a fury in his comments, blasting the rapper for blaming Obama for the increase in youth violence in crime-ridden neighborhoods.

A commenter with the user name kanye.whest came to Obama's defense, bashing Gates for his logic. "Dear Kevin Gilyard I was a fan until this Bs, right here! What does Obama have to do with YOUR street life ? What does he have to do with YOUR n----s dying? It's plenty of people out here dying not just your people.. Df ? Obama stepped into office with A LOT of shit him having to do! 'When' you become president (which will never happen because you don't have the Education or mindset of Obama or any other president tbh) then you stop two wars like Obama , you catch one of FBI most wanted..," she wrote.

Gates is no stranger to controversy considering he recently shared his anger over the fact a woman would not give his dog oral sex and admitted to having sex with his cousin.

Watch Kevin Gates sound off on President Obama below.

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