In this week's round-up of the Top Five Tweets of the Week, Kelly Rowland thanks her fans for supporting her new single, 'Motivation' featuring Lil Wayne, while 50 Cent calls out for posting a photo of him and an alleged new Playboy model "girlfriend." Female MC Charli Baltimore is also upset with the site for posting an interview from a guy who she says is looking to tarnish her image. Then to wrap things up, Miley Cyrus unexpectedly reveals she's a fan of the frequently-incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane, and Brooklyn rapper Fabolous uses caution before seeing Nicki Minaj in concert.

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1. @KELLYROWLAND (Kelly Rowland): "I want to thank everyone for an amazing week and the love and support you guys showed for the #motivation video! Single comes next week! KR"

2. @50Cent (50 Cent): "Mediafakeout be making up s--- I don't even remember taking dat picture that's not my girl. She do look good though I might have to try it out. Lol"

3. @CharliBaltimore (Charli Baltimore): "SMH@ the fake a-- clown mad he cldnt f--- me and @Sundycarter and Smh @mediatakeout f-----s print any [f---in] lie #digahole"

4. @myfabolouslife (Fabolous): "Takin a 13 yr old 2 @NICKIMINAJ show. #QuickQuestion Nicki, r u guna pull "it" out & piss on em? Any1 who ben 2 Nicki show know what "it" is"

5. @MileyCryus (Miley Cyrus): "Don't mind me just showin off muahhh grill with @gucci1017 at the urrrport!"