It’s all love between Kehlani and Kyrie Irving. After a highly-publicized split that made Kehlani a fixture in the tabloids and landed her in the hospital, it appears she and her NBA champion ex-beau have kissed and made up.

TMZ photographers caught the couple hugging it out in Chicago last Friday (July 29). The pair met at an undisclosed location in Chi-City and spent some quality time together.

Now, if you think they are going to rekindle their romance - guess again. A rep for Kehlani told TMZ Sports that they are only friends at the moment.

"Things ended bad and they hadn't had an opportunity to see each other...and they wanted to meet up face to face and make peace," said the rep.

Kehlani seems to be enjoying the single life and in good spirits as of late. The 21-year-old singer has been releasing several songs to hold fans down until her major-label debut album arrives. She recently dropped the girl-power anthem "CRZY" and followed that up with "Gangsta" from the Suicide Squad soundtrack.

"Thank you @suicidesquadmovie for 'Gangsta' def one of the dopest things I've ever been apart of, I'm honored. Can't wait for everyone to see it!!!" wrote Kehlani on Instagram.

It's good see Kehlani and Kyrie Irving could work things out. Check out the pics below.