Katy Perry and Juicy J showed what happens when California pop and Memphis hip-hop unite during their live performance of 'Dark Horse' at the Grammy Awards last night (Jan. 26). While that's a great collaboration, Katy has just released a new version of the song featuring Pitbull.

Although the song starts off in the same way, including Juicy J's introduction, Pitbull enters in the last third of the track. Mr. Worldwide talks about how he started his career, where he is now and why the ladies should choose him over the other guys.

"Baby, we can do it in the car, in the kitchen or the floor or in the middle of the park / I'm here to play with a little bit then pump blood through your veins, your heart / And all these petty little players actin' like think they can hang but they cannot," he spits over the slow yet pulsing beat.

After Pitbull delivers his verse, Katy's vocals commence once again -- Juicy's vocals are taken off the track completely here. So take a listen below and decide which version of the track you like better -- the one with Pitbull or Juicy J.

Listen to Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' Remix Feat. Pitbull