Katt Williams can’t seem to stay out of trouble. The embattled comedian was arrested yet again for allegedly choking his bodyguard at his Atlanta home.

According to 11Alive, authorities executed a search warrant on Tuesday (March 8) at Williams’ home after his bodyguard, Coery Dixon, filed a report alleging that the funnyman assaulted him and held him against his will.

The alleged incident happened on Feb. 28 where police say that Williams, along with his accomplice Tatiana Smith, choked out Dixon and beat him with a baseball bat after he refused to participate in a criminal act with the comedian.

During the raid of Williams’ home, authorities discovered large quantities of marijuana along with several firearms.

So yeah, Williams has drug and anger management problems - allegedly.

The 42-year-old actor’s arrest comes days after getting beat down at Beanie Sigel's concert in Philadelphia on Sunday (March 6). Footage of Williams’ altercation surfaced online and became fodder for social media.

Beans went to his Instagram account to defend Williams’ actions at the show and dispelled any rumors that the comedian is abusing drugs.

“F--- the speculation talk over stupid n----s dig this,” he wrote. “@kattpackallday is far from any negative accolades you assholes want to attached to him. His turn up is just different. He don’t need Molly cocaine or any other dumbass drug you stupid ass n----s think he on.”

The former Roc-A-Fella rapper then added that he will never perform in Philly ever again.

“Now as for my show at the Troc who has the WORST! Security staff in the world,” he continued. “I came there with my family only no goons or so called friends. my wife my mother brother sisters and my 65 year old uncle who never saw me perform before. so for the level of disrespect that was shown to me my family and KATT I will never I mean NEVER do a show in Philadelphia again!!!!"

Let's just hope this is not the case because Beanie Sigel is still a respected MC in the city of brotherly love. As for Katt Williams, he needs to slow down.

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