Beanie Sigel had a great show in Philadelphia on Sunday night (March 6), but it was overshadowed by comedian Katt Williams getting pummeled onstage -- allegedly by the rapper’s entourage. And it was all caught on video.

According to reports, the veteran funnyman jumped a man onstage after Sigel performed his set. In the clip (watch above) you can see Williams flying in the air to land a two-piece on an unidentified man. The comedian gets thrown to the ground and gets kicked a couple of times in the head before someone intervened and protected Williams from anymore bodily harm.

There’s still no word as to why Williams went on the attack, but prior to the beatdown, Williams was dancing and doing push-ups onstage.

Afterward, a video surfaced of Williams addressing the fight at Sigel’s concert. The 42-year-old actor, wearing black fingernail polish on his visible swollen hands, explained that none of his jewelry was stolen and that he didn’t get battered or bruised during the melee.

Ironically, the incident comes a week after Williams and fellow Philadelphia native Kevin Hart got into a brief feud. The Scary Movie 5 star called Hart a "puppet" and challenged him to a $5 million comedy duel. Williams later apologized to Hart.

We hope that Katt Williams takes a break after having the worst week of his life. He needs to slow down and regroup.

Watch the fight video above and Katt Williams explanation below.

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