K. Michelle is looking to get in on this fourth quarter blitz of good music. She had a dud with her guest appearance on Rick Ross' 'If They Knew,' but she's bounced back a bit with her latest single, 'Maybe I Should Call.'

This time, the songstress isn't singing away her distaste of incompetent men. K. Michelle ponders a question many ask because of a combination of social mores and nervousness: Should I or shouldn't I be the first to call? She doesn't really come up with an answer, but it least it's the inspiration for an inspired performance.

"Maybe that's why I ain't got a man / 'Cause I be doing too much thinking," a fragile Michelle sings.

As you've heard from her discography, Michelle has a thing for singing about the complex topic of romance. There should be more about it on 'Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?,' which drops on Dec. 9.

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