Outspoken singer/reality star K. Michelle's powerhouse vocals and always-entertaining antics are hard to miss -- but who'd want to?

K just dropped her third studio album, More Issues Than Vogue, much to the delight of fans anxious for another helping of the soul singer and former Love & Hip Hop star. Undeniably talented, she's mastered the art of headline-worthy hijinks while still making time to spill her truth in the studio. She's fearless and unabashed about bringing the realities of her life, both pre- and post-reality television, to music. So The Boombox would like to celebrate her. K. Michelle keeps our ears transfixed on her sound and keeps our interest fixated on her...everything else.

Here are 10 things we love about K. Michelle.

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    She's a rebellious soul.

    Just like her previous album title, K's a bit of a rebel. From streaking around her office to daring to do country music (like when she covered Carrie Underwood's "I Know You Won't"), the songstress does whatever tickles her fancy.

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    Her "clap-back" game is unmatched.

    When K's displeased with a person they'll surely know it and you can kick up your feet and watch. On Twitter and Instagram the #KMichelle hashtag is filled with line after line of the fiery celeb cranking out clap backs to fans and stars who dare diss her. The last celebrity to openly ether disgruntled fans like K. Michelle was a pre-ANTI Rihanna.

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    She has a heart.

    When a single mother contacted her on Twitter asking if the singer could sponsor her son's track meet, she quickly agreed and asked for donation details.



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    She can truly sing.

    In a business ever-dependent on Autotune, K. Michelle's undeniable vocals are refreshing. Her range is lauded by fans who coo over her crooning.

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    She doesn't give a f---.

    K will tell you herself that sometimes she simply doesn't have a care in the world. Most recently she told judgmental fans flat out what she felt about them: "You people are miserable f---s. Keep watching me, I have so much more for you to see."

    Oh hello there, carefree black girl...


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    She's honest about her nips and tucks.

    Back in 2013, K. Michelle admitted that her ample assets were indeed the result of a Brazilian butt lift procedure. She's since told fans that while she's enjoyed her pert posterior for years, she's going back under the knife to scale it down.


    Honesty is the best policy.

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    She turns her dreams into reality.

    According to K, she's always had dreams of owning her own line of home goods and in 2015 that came to fruition. K's currently promoting her “Live Like Queens” collection, which features bedroom sets, dog beds and candles.


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    She's a women's rights advocate.

    After alleging abuse on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,  K. Michelle launched into action and partnered with her #RebelAgainstCampaign encouraging women to speak out on their own experiences of both physical and emotional abuse and abandonment.

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    She tells ALL about her private life.

    K. Michelle is far from shy. The songstress spares no details when it comes to the men she's dated; from NBA star J.R. Smith to Oscar-nominated actor Idris Elba; and she's like a garrulous girlfriend whose stories you can't wait to hear.

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    She's a businesswoman.

    When K. Michelle burst onto Mona Scott Young's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she became a standout that brands couldn't help but notice. Most recently she became the spokeswoman for Jack Daniels after constant tweets and Instagram posts about her love of the Tennessee whiskey.

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