K. Michelle is known for her tear-inducing emotional songs, especially on her hit debut album, Rebellious Soul, but she goes the playful route and channels her wild side in her new video for "Hard to Do."

The singer gets down with her spirit animal for the new visual and dresses up like a zebra and prances around a white room. Then she strips down to a black thong and pink feather hair accessory as she wades in a claw foot tube with flamingos walking around.

And while the animal theme might seem a little far-fetched, the lyrics in her song relate to getting in touch with her primal senses. "Missing you is hard to do / I'd rather be f---ing you," she sings on the chorus.

On the track, K. Michelle sings about how she misses her man. She wants him to come back home so she can show him what he's been missing between the sheets. Considering the tub scene and the sexy scenes of her wearing little to nothing, Michelle is clearly ready to get down. Things get to another steamy level when we see her getting hot and heavy with a guy in the mud while it's clearly raining.

"Hard to Do" is off her latest LP, Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart. Her album may have been released in December, but K. Michelle has kept herself quite busy since then. After finishing a tour in February, she performed "Judge Me" at the 2015 BET Honors and continues to hit the stage. Her next show includes one on Friday (May 22) in Clearwater, Fla.

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