K Camp has had a great year. After dropping the instant smash ‘Cut Her Off’ in December 2013, his career has been a whirlwind of blessings. During the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards, the rapper opens up about his nomination for Best Club Banger.

“The [BET Hip Hop Award] nomination was surprising to me,” he tells The Boombox, shortly after the award ceremony. “I seen myself on the screen at BET [taping]. I know I got some camera time.”

Receiving the Best Club Banger nod for ‘Cut Her Off’ couldn’t have been a complete shock though, as the song arguably ran the summer of 2014. “I found out through management then I posted the email on Instagram,” he recalls, chuckling. “I shoulda won that muhf---a though. But it’s all good.”

The exorbitant climb of the track can be credited to the Interscope signee and his team pushing the record relentlessly. “It’s that groundwork,” he shares. “I was out on the road performing that muhf---a like it was out already. When I was doing it, ‘Money Baby’ was hot then I used to perform ‘Cut Her Off’ and n----s would just be staring at me, like ’What the f--- is this?’”

Even without the BET Hip Hop award in hand, the Marietta, Ga., native is pushing forward. Between working on his debut album for next year and pushing his current single ‘Blessing,’ Camp is bound to be even busier in the coming months. “It’s about to be winter,” he notes. “‘Cuffing season’...”

‘Blessing’ is in stark contrast to the ornery, somewhat ego-driven ‘Cut Her Off’ and is increasingly gaining spins on urban radio. “That song’ll be perfect for ‘cuffing season,’” he says with a laugh.

When asked about what makes a young woman a blessing in his life, Camp rattles off a list of five qualities. “I’d say if she was getting an education first, then taking care of her own and had a job, keeping money in her pocket. Knows how to treat a man.”

What exactly does that last one entail? “Just, you know what I’m saying,” he starts carefully. “Treat a man right. Cook for him,” he says before pausing. “I mean, it’s a mutual thing but it’s a wife’s duty. But the last one? An independent, strong-minded woman.”

The same can be said of Camp's mother who raised him on her own, even building him a booth in his years on the come-up and taking on the role as his first manager. In fact, when asked about his plans for the day, the rapper hastily grabs his car keys and says, "I'm going to my momma house. She's cooking."

Check out K Camp's appearance at the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards when they air Oct. 14 at 8PM ET.

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