Rapper K Camp has been doing the damn thing. After masterfully crafting out party bangers like "Money Baby," "Cut Her Off" and "Lil Bit," he has emerged as a viable option in every DJ's playlist. Now, the Atlanta-based rhymer showcases his skill set for his fans and pundits for his XXL's Freshman Freestyle.

"You've ever been sick and tired of being tired / Where everyone in the world wanna count you out? / But as soon as you make it, soon as you make it, everybody walking with their hand out," he raps. He continued to slash his detractors with lines like, "I ain't here to make friends, I'm here to make music / Prove to these n----s that I do it."

Just like his fellow 2015 Freshman Class, K Camp is elated to be featured on the illustrious cover. “It’s a crazy feeling growing up and watching the covers for years and years just looking at them and telling yourself you’re going to be on one of those covers," he tells the magazine. "Now I’m on one of them covers years later. It’s crazy. I already know it’s only up from here."

With his debut album set for release this summer, you can expect more heat coming from K Camp real soon.

Check out his XXL Freshman freestyle above.

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