Unlike many of the movies that were released around the same time focusing on “urban” stories, Ernest Dickerson’s directorial debut holds up remarkably well, thanks to great performances, a story that resonates with specificity without seeming too dated, and of course its incredible soundtrack. By itself, Eric B. & Rakim’s 'Juice (Know the Ledge)' would earn this disc a spot on any best-of list, but Naughty By Nature’s 'Uptown Anthem' is just as good, as is Big Daddy Kane’s rapid fire 'Nuff Respect.' Meanwhile, deeper cuts like Too Short’s “So You Want to Be a Gangster,” Salt & Pepa’s “He’s Gamin’ On Ya” and Cypress Hill’s pulsating, sinister 'Shoot ‘Em Up' lend the movie authenticity and gravitas.


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