DJ Vlad sat down with actor Khalil Kain who co-starred with Tupac in the 1992 cult classic Juice, and got his take on the legacy of the film and naturally, what it was like working with 2Pac, who was 19 at the time the movie was filmed.

It's an interesting clip, and Kain (who played Raheem) is honest throughout, admitting that he didn't think the script was that great but that director Ernest Dickerson's storytelling and vision was compelling enough to make it resonate. Also, the actors brought the script to life— we all remember that infamous 2Pac "I don't give a f---" scene.

Anyway, the story gets really interesting when Vlad brings up the rumor that Pac beat up somebody on set for stealing his jewelry. Kain calmly explains that Pac was just a really good dude who genuinely wanted to help everyone.

"If he had five, he was giving away two," Kain recalls, before adding that one time, however, Pac brought the wrong kid to set.

"He invited the wrong kid into the trailer to hang out and the kid stole some jewelry and he got his ass beat," Kain recalls. "He got stomped out— those are the rules."

He later says he didn't know the film was going to be a hit until he heard the soundtrack. "Then I was like, oh, this is it."

You can check out that interview above and more info on the process of Juice below.




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