Ice-T made headlines in 2008 after claiming that Soulja Boy is responsible for "killing hip-hop" and branding his song 'Crank Dat' as "garbage." But after squashing the beef, the gangsta rapper has responded to Soulja Boy's recent announcement to remake the classic film 'Juice.'

"At some point, somebody gotta stop it. I don't know. I came out, I made some statements. I'm like, yo son, I don't know. Do you, dude. Do you," he told Shade45's Morning Show. "It's kind of like if the masses accept it, it just shows you the state we're in. C'mon man, you think I'd try to remake Pac's movie, even though I'm from the school? C'mon son! Good luck though."

He also downplayed the obstacles that young rappers face in this day and age, claiming that if he were a new artist, he would be at the top of the game.

"If I was coming up now, I wouldn't be nothing but a rapper. I would try to get into pop music and just sing along with the beat and say just anything," he continued. "It would be easy for me today, because it doesn't require any backbone or anything that comes from anywhere. It's just if you can sing along with the beat, it's cool. I wouldn't go in the streets. Like I said, these kids are snitching over parking tickets."

Soulja Boy recently revealed that he would be remaking the 1992 film 'Juice,' taking on Tupac Shakur's role as Bishop. He also announced that Waka Flocka Flame will be participating in the flick.

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