According to the New York Post, a Supreme Court Judge has thrown out the most recent lawsuit against rapper Foxy Brown. The civil suit was filed in May 2008, by former neighbor Arlene Raymond, over a 2007 argument that lead to Raymond's assault.

Foxy plead guilty to the criminal assault charge on the same day that the civil suit was filed, but her lawyers argued that she was never actually served with the legal documents informing her of the civil suit and was unaware of the case against her at the time she made her plea. The judge sided with her in the case and dismissed the civil suit.

The argument began when Raymond complained the rap diva's music was too loud. The dispute escalated, and Foxy allegedly hurled her Blackberry at Raymond, bruising her eye and chipping a tooth.

In May 2008, Supreme Court Judge John Walsh accepted Foxy's plea, sentencing her to time served and continuing Raymond's order of protection against the Brooklyn rapper. She was also ordered to produce a written apology to the court.

This is not the first time Foxy has run into legal problems. In April 2008 she settled a similar case in Florida. She recently served one year at New York's Riker's Island correctional facility for violating probation after an earlier assault case and in October 2007, was charged with assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.