Jordan Peele's psychological thriller, Get Out, which is also a nuanced, often horrific study on race, has officially grossed more than $100 million at the box office, reports The Huffington Post.

The film opened strong in the number one slot back in February, grossing $30.5 million its first weekend in theaters, and it has only continued its success in the weeks following, as a innumerable think-pieces, memes and timely cultural references have been crafted in its wake.

Additionally, the film is the fastest to reach the $100 million mark for production company Blumhouse, which is also behind the Paranormal franchise. Peele has said in previous interviews that he actually has four more social thrillers that he'd like to release, an endeavor that's more likely to come into fruition given the success of his debut film.

“The best and scariest monsters in the world are human beings and what we are capable of, especially when we get together,” Peele said.

He went on to say that he's interested in further exploring the dark side of the human psyche.

“I’ve been working on these premises about these different social demons, these innately human monsters that are woven into the fabric of how we think and how we interact and each one of my movies is going to be about a different one of these social demons,” he added.

Get Out is only the second non-franchise film this year to cross the $100 million mark at the box office. Check out the trailer below.


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