Joey Bada$$ has teamed up with Pony sneakers to star in the footwear brand’s 2017 fall campaign. The Brooklyn rapper is assisting in Pony’s relaunch of their signature shoe, the Topstar sneaker.

In an interview with Footwear News, Joey said his partnership with Pony was a perfect match. “We’ve been plotting this for some time now, and the connection was like, ‘Duh.’ ‘Pony’ stands for Product of New York. Here, you have two products of New York," he said. "Pony, to me, is an OG brand, and a lot of people look at my style as an OG style, something that’s been aged and been around for a little time. We immediately identified with the synergy between both brands. This was a no-brainer.”

Pony plans to release a variety of colorways of the heritage sneaker and update the silhouette modernize fabrics and leathers. “I brought my design team, and we met with the Pony design team, we sat down and traded ideas back and forth," he said about the redesign of the shoe. "We were just exchanging files and ideas until we got married to the right ones."

"For me, I was excited to do this, period," he continued. "When it came to the pieces and the products, we put calculated thought into that too, and I’m also excited for what we produced.”

The 2017 Pony Topstar shoes are expected to arrive this week at select retailers including Urban Outfitters and Zumiez. Joey hopes to have a long partnership with Pony.

"Product of New York, that’s what I already am, I can’t fake that," he said. "I would love for us to figure out some form of long-term relationship."

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