Leave it up to a 90s hip-hop revivalist to come up with a conspiracy theory to explain the manhunt going on in Boston right now. Joey Bada$$ thinks this is all an elaborate set-up.

"They just gotta make it look like they catching the bad guys," he wrote on his Twitter account earlier this morning (April 19). "Don't be fooled."

Joey seemed to think that it wouldn't be wise for someone who planted a bomb at the Boston Marathon to stay in the city after the attack. He's probably not the only person to have thought that.

"What type of fool bombs a place and stays in the same area after that?" he mused. "Unless he wanted to get caught. Otherwise, this shit dont add up."

He then insisted that this all media-fueled hype, an effort to make money on the drama.

"They tryna turn this into some type of hot pursuit for the media," he wrote. "So tomorrow's paper can be sold. These people gotta eat too don't forget."

While we certainly won't disagree with Mr. Bada$$ -- and we encourage everyone to question the information they're being given and not take things at face value -- the comments are perhaps ill-timed.

What do you think?

Ed note: Tweets have been lightly edited for spelling and punctuation.

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