Joell Ortiz has been through a lot in his career. From signing to Dr. Dre's Aftermath label years ago to releasing a string of indie projects to becoming one-fourth of the group Slaugtherhouse, the dude could write a book.

But instead of a book, he released the video for the song 'House Slippers,' which details the New York MC's struggles in the rap game.

"This business is such a business don't take it personal / It's more than these beats and letting verses go... Just imagine this man with your career in his hands / Giving a f--- about your fans he just looking at that black and white / Seeing you ain't sell too well, you trying to tell him you were on an indie that wasn't acting right," spits Ortiz.

The visuals for the cut are pretty simple. The rapper sits at a table detailing the ins and outs of his career, and the blueish tint the director uses matches the song's introspective approach perfectly.

There's also famous New York City landmarks infused into the visuals, such as the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge, giving the footage a gritty, urban feel.

The song itself was produced by The Heatmakerz, who created a whole album for Ortiz also called 'House Slippers.' By the sound of it, the title symbolizes a certain comfort the MC finally feels after being in the game for so long. No word yet on when the album will be released.