Be careful what you go searching for because what you find may have damaging results. That's what Joell Ortiz conveys in his new video for 'Phone,' off his solid, but slept-on album 'House Slippers,' released in September 2014.

In the video, the Slaughterhouse member plays a fly on the wall as he observes a relationship falling apart between a couple, who have two children.

About midway through the clip, the male character searches through his girl's phone and finds out that she's been carrying on a secret affair, which he immediately confronts her about.

Then, a physical altercation ensues, but the jilted lovers see the kids crying and decide to leave the apartment. From there, things end up quite tragically.

Clearly, the director, A New Vision Film, went the literal route with the visuals and matched the scenes to the lyrics of the song perfectly. There's also a very cool freeze effect used on the characters, which elevates the story-line and adds even more drama.

Joell smashes it on the lyrical side and creates a song very reminiscent of Eminem's 'Stan.'

"It don't feel too good on the wake up, no breakfast cooking, you smell it's in the breakup / Time just running by, while his heart is yelling, 'Wait up' / How they still together, but he praying that they make up," raps the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper on the Heatmakerz-produced track.

Take an emotional journey with Joell Ortiz above.

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