The R&B game, much like the rap game, can be very competitive especially for artists trying to make it to the top. R&B veteran Joe learned how cutthroat the industry can be from another well-established singer.

In an interview with Power 105.1's 'The Breakfast Club,' the 'I Wanna Know' crooner recalls a time when R. Kelly allegedly told radio programmers not to play Joe's songs or support him. Apparently, Kells didn't like that fact that Joe, who was a fellow artist on the Jive label, was getting more airplay than him.

"That happened back in the day, but we moved on from that," says Joe. "I took it as a compliment. He's a real G in the game [and] one of the best writers... he's a prolific songwriter and producer. So I give him a lot of credit."

"So for him to attempt to do that, I took it as a pat on the back," he concludes.

When asked if he would work with R. Kelly, the singer didn't give much hope on a collaboration anytime soon.

"I don't really rock with the Kells," Joe states. "But I got a lot of respect for him."

For the record, Joe and R. Kelly have worked together before. Kells penned his romantic 2003 ballad 'More & More' from his 'And Then...' album.

Competitive shade aside, Joe is currently promoting his latest album 'Bridges,' which is in stores now.

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