Jhene Aiko sets her sights on the bedroom on her romantic, albeit not cornball, new single that features Childish Gambino. It's the latest we're hearing from her upcoming 'Sail Out' mixtape.

Prior to the drop of 'Bed Peace,' the Los Angeles singer had been relatively quiet. She did drop 'Comfort Inn Ending' a month or so ago and she is on Drake's new album, but fans of Aiko have been patiently waiting on that new-new. And that's just what we have here in this ridiculously cute, mellowed-out track.

'Bed Peace' isn't necessarily cute in the way that it's so saccharine it'll make your teeth hurt. That should be apparent when Aiko coos lines like "We should just get naked" and references puffing blunts and drinking a combination of tequila and orange juice. But her sweet delivery makes everything go down so much easier and leads to a more palatable listening experience, especially in contrast to Gambino's set of rhymes.

You can stream the track below. The 'Sail Out' EP drops Oct. 29.