Jermaine DupriSuper-producer Jermaine Dupri is bashing claims that he abandoned longtime friend and collaborator Da Brat while she serves a three-year prison sentence for assault. Brat, born Shawntae Harris, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault following a 2007 altercation with a hostess in Durpi's Atlanta nightclub Studio 72.

In an interview with Atlanta radio station V-103, Dupri, who introduced Da Brat to the rap scene in the early 90s, said that he hasn't visited her but is working to get her out. "I felt a certain way about seeing Brat in jail," he said. "I didn't want to see that. That's my little sister and I didn't want to deal with that situation like that. I would prefer dealing with getting her out and seeing that day."

Da Brat's sister, actress Lisa Raye McCoy, and comedian Katt Williams both put Dupri on blast for not going to see the Chicago native behind bars. "I went to go see her myself and JD has not gone to see her yet ... Brat did not do anything but have your back since the whole time you had So So Def," Williams said in an interview.

Dupri didn't take too kindly to Williams' words, warning him to stay out of the situation. "I want to say this, those people they don't really know me to say nothing about what I'm doing with my personal situation when it comes to Brat. When Brat comes home all I know is I'm going to be the person that takes care of her, makes sure she get back on her feet and do what she got to do. They're not, so they shouldn't even worry about that." Although he didn't go into detail about the appeal, Dupri stated that he is working with Atlanta attorney Charles Mathis on the matter.

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