In January, The BoomBox gave a first listen to 'Think Like a Man,' the anthemic piano-laden track sung by Jennifer Hudson, featuring crooner Ne-Yo and rapper Rick Ross. The song, which is the title track of the forthcoming Steve Harvey-inspired movie, now has an accompanying set of visuals.

The clip begins with 'Think Like a Man' co-star Kevin Hart showcasing his funny man conversation with J-Hud, who serves as a business woman who is very much about her j-o-b. She doesn't have time for the small talk and flirtations Hart throws at her. Her character is the prime example -- a "strong, independent and lonely woman -- of gals discussed in the film, based off Harvey's best-selling book 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.'

Hudson shows off her dance moves and her slender figure in a pencil skirt as she belts out words that prove a relationship that once was, is no longer. "In between lust and love, you go and messed things up/ Now there's no we babe, there's just you and there's me babe," she sings.

Ne-Yo arrives for the duet, dressed in a sharp suit, acts as the man Hudson is addressing in her lyrics. "And now I'm telling you lies, all because I hate to see the tears in your eyes/ Of course I want my cake and eat too, I'm a guy," he croons.

Rick Ross hangs out with Kevin while rapping his lines in a pair of Cazals and a snakeskin-lined hoodie. "Leaning on my auto, she so photogenic/ Can I take a picture she my Mona Lisa/ Living like a princess in a fairy tale/ You know them people up in Barneys, show and tell," he raps.

'Think Like a Man' hits theaters nationwide March 9.

Watch Jennifer Hudson's 'Think Like a Man' Video Feat. Ne-Yo & Rick Ross

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