As reported by AOL Music, when Whitney Houston died on Feb. 11, 2012, the shocked music industry instantly went into mourning. However, the producers and directors of the Grammy Awards had to put their feelings aside and scramble to switch-up the awards show in order to properly pay tribute to the fallen legend the following night. In the new documentary, "A Death in the Family: The Show Must Go on," the public is given an inside look at those chaotic 24 hours for the very first time.

In the doc, Grammy performer Jennifer Hudson talks about her tear-jerking tribute to the icon and reveals she suffered an emotional breakdown while rehearsing for the performance.

"I would do anything for Whitney," Hudson said, describing her reaction after receiving the call from Grammy producers asking that she sing Houston's signature "I Will Always Love You" for the show. "Anything to honor her memory, but i didn't know if I could get through it," she admitted.

"We rehearsed the song one time," Jennifer recalled. "And then the second time around, Ken [Ehrlich, the show's executive producer] came over and said, 'It's not a performance. You're singing to Whitney.' And I knew exactly what he meant. So the second time around singing it, I could not get through the song."

Of course, Hudson managed to deliver a riveting tribute to the late icon, which will go down in Grammy history. Watch Hudson break down in tears during her Grammy rehearsal in the video below.

Watch Jennifer Hudson Describe Her Breakdown

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Watch "Jennifer Hudson's Emotional Whitney Houston Tribute"

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