Let the haters hate and run their mouths about how hip-hop is materialistic and misogynistic -- Jenna Marbles isn't hearing it. The YouTube personality has learned a lot from rap music, and in her expletive-packed new video, "What Hip Hop Taught Me," the blonde Bostonian detonates a "fucking knowledge explosion," sharing the wisdom she's gleaned from the genre.

"Lil Wayne taught me that if you're drowning in pussy, you can swim to the butt," she says at the start, quoting from Weezy's verse on Drake's "The Motto." "Here I was, drowning in pussy, not knowing I could save myself."

Marbles goes on to draw important life lessons from such artists as Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg ("Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks; if you are not a bitch to begin with, that doesn't really apply to you"), Sisqo ("having dumps in your truck is a very desirable thing"), Ace Hood ("you can give a damn, but you cannot give a fuck") and a certain big-butt-loving '90s favorite.

"Sir Mix-a-Lot taught me I can only be 36-24-36 if I'm 5'3", which I'm not, so I should keep eating," she says. "That's awesome! Taco Bell, how you doing?"

Check out the video -- then hit us up and let us know what hip-hop has taught you via Twitter @theboombox.

Watch Jenna Marbles' "What Hip Hop Taught Me" Video

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