The sweltering August heat did little to knock Jazmine Sullivan's hustle as she commanded the SummerStage in New York City's Central Park on Sunday night (Aug. 23). The crowd erupted in cheers as she walked on the stage, proving her fan base is the Big Apple is going strong.

The singer, dressed in a white cocktail dress and long blue jacket, was so taken aback by the enthusiasm from the crowd that she had to stop her first song before continuing with the show. While she kept covering her mouth, Jazmine was all smiles as she walked to the mic and restarted her song "Famous."

With her name in lights behind her plus a band and backup singers, Jazmine internalized the moment and took a deep breath, making for what appeared to be the performance of a lifetime. Although she started her set with a ballad, Jazmine wanted to make the concert a lively one. When the first notes of "Bust Your Windows" echoed throughout Central Park, everyone cheered as the Philadelphia native sassed her way around the stage. She got an even bigger response when she dedicated the track to the ladies.

Jazmine, whose third album, Reality Show, arrived in January, also performed hits like "Mascara," "Holding You Down" and "Forever Don't Last." She also sang "Lions, Tigers and Bears," and reminisced about that time she famously performed "Home" from The Wiz when she was 11 years old.

"I remember it like it was just yesterday. And all I was thinking about is how grateful I was for everyone accepting me like you did, and I just wanted to say that I appreciate you guys and appreciate you for all being out here," she said.

With three albums under her belt and Central Park's 10 p.m. curfew drawing near, her 80-minute set was definitely not enough time to perform every song fans wanted. However, she made sure to give her supporters the best show she could. Clearly they were satisfied as they sang along to every track she performed. And as the moon glistened over Summerstage on Sunday night, Jazmine's voice floated through the air, ending the weekend on a soothing note.

Check out photos of Jazmine Sullivan's Summerstage performance above.