We still don't know if Jay Z really cheated in his marriage to Beyonce, but many are wondering if he would ever make a response to Queen Bey's Lemonade. Wait no longer because the comedic folks at Funny or Die has spoofed the R&B superstar's Lemonade film with an hour-long video called I Gave You Lemons.

The clip features a voice sounding like Jigga narrating an apology to his beloved wife over random clips of nature. When Beyonce dropped her latest visual album, many questioned whether all the songs about infidelity were about Hov who she has been married to for eight years.

We still don't know what's fact or fiction, but the internet continues to create its own narrative, and Funny or Die has to have the greatest one yet.

"Listen baby, life gave you lemons and you made Lemonade. Life gave me Lemonade and now I'm doing this," the fake Jay Z voice says. The Roc Nation honcho cites a WikiHow page that he's using to make his sorry, stating he would eventually put his on TIDAL. He also responded to the, "you better call Becky with the good hair" allegations.

"You know what I think you got beautiful hair even if it's not yours, I think it's good," the fake Jay Z says. "You got a lot wigs and you're beautiful. Becky don't got wigs, it's natural you know. I was drawn to that and that's my bad."

Watch the hilarious video above.