Several rappers and singers showed off their best costumes for Halloween 2016. However, Beyonce and Jay Z slayed the competition with their Barbie and Ken doll outfits complete with box covers and Blue Ivy wearing a Barbie jacket. But Hov caught some flack on Twitter from people who felt that his costume was emasculating.

The Grio caught wind of folks criticizing the Roc Nation honcho of being in an unmanly role as a Ken doll figure. Apparently, the logic here is that since Ken dolls don’t have any genitalia, Jay Z is presenting himself as less than a man and being subservient.

However, some fans were quick to praise Jay Z for doing whatever it takes to make his wife and daughter happy on Halloween. There's nothing emasculating about being a father to your child and having fun with the family.

"People clowning Jay Z for dressing as a doll for Halloween aren't use to seeing men being fathers and doing whatever to see their kid smile," tweeted one person. Another fan wrote, "Beyonce as a black Barbie doll; Jay Z as a black Ken doll; Blue Ivy as a beautiful Barbie; The Carter's have won Halloween 2016."

**Microphone Drop**

What do you think of Jay Z's Ken doll costume? Is it emasculating or are people just overreacting? Tell us in the comments below.

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