Sources say Jay-Z is eating like a pregnant woman these days! The hip-hop mogul has adopted the same diet as his pregnant wife Beyonce in an attempt to be the healthiest "hands-on" dad possible for future little Jayonce.

Jay, who recently turned 42, is allegedly supporting his Queen B, 30, by suffering through a strict diet with her. So what does the diet regime entail? Hopefully not the ketchup smothered bananas, Oreo biscuits and gherkins we've been hearing so much about!

A source told Us Weekly that the expectant parents are maintaining a "partially vegan diet," adding, "Jay's trying to be disciplined, and he needs the energy to support her." Support her in her effort to not pack on too many pregnancy pounds, that is. "I've been really conscious [about food]," Bey told '20/20.' "I've been trying my best not to lose control!"

In addition to their streamlined diet, Hov and the former Destiny's Child frontwoman are making sure to get in their exercise too. They were reportedly "dancing up a storm" at Hollywood's Spare Room club earlier this week. "They were loved up and sweet together [and] partied until 4AM!" an eye-witness reported.

The next night, Hov and B partied once again at a 'Watch the Throne' concert after party.

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