Much like the average New Yorker, Jay Z and Beyonce aren't too fond of the hell that is winter on the East Coast. But being that they're worth hundreds of millions of dollars, they can actually afford to uproot and escape the frigid cold at any time.

According to TMZ, the Carters are currently staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills while they search for a new place to call home, which will more than likely be located in the upscale western district of Los Angeles.

Sources say that Jay and Bey have even enrolled daughter, Blue Ivy, into an elite private school for toddlers, which will reportedly cost the couple upwards of $15,000 a year -- not that the power couple can't afford it.

As for the motivation behind their cross-country relocation, it's been said that the two were looking for "a change in lifestyle" and have become very fond of the Beverly Hills area, even spending the summer at one of its luxurious homes, which set them back a whopping $200,000 per month.

The star-studded nightlife and beautiful landscape that L.A. has to offer should be very enticing to the couple, not to mention the countless amount of business opportunities that living in the City of Angels can bring.

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