Jay-Z and Beyonce are more than just hip-hop's most notable couple, they're now world record holders. They join the ranks of the Most Tattooed Person and Longest Fingernails -- Female as the Highest Earning Power Couple in the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records. The duo clocked in an impressive $122 million though June of last year.

Aside from record sales, the Carter's continue to bring in the dough through touring, and other business ventures. According to Forbes, Beyonce netted $87 million in 2009 from several businesses including her clothing line House of Dereon. But Beyonce isn't the only one bringing home the bacon in her household, Hov's successful projects, outside of the music game, include his 40/40 Club franchise which boasts locations around the country, his Rockawear clothing line, and endorsement deals, bringing in $35 million of their collective earnings.

Other musicians included in the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records include Lady Gaga who holds the record for the world's Most Searched for Female On the Internet, Michael Jackson who reigns as the Most Searched for Male on the Internet, and Susan Boyle, who earned three titles including Oldest Artists to Reach No. 1 With a Debut Album.

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