James Fauntleroy released another gem that's sure to have his fans craving for more. The cut is called "Crying Upside Down," where the Los Angeles native talks about coping and relieving pain.

"Right when your voice starts to break down/ Some of the weed rolling around / When I smoke, the tears go / Frowning and crying upside down," he sings.

After dropping his DOJO EP in February of this year, Fauntleroy released three songs out of nowhere, "I Can't Do That," "Stop Doing Cocaine" and "Miami Rain," further proving how prolific he is. Plus, he released a dope rendition of Rihanna's "James Joint" called "Joint II" in April," which we shared.

It's not clear if "Crying Upside Down" will be on an upcoming project by Fauntleroy, or if he just felt like dropping something new. Either way, the song is really solid, and you can check it out below.

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