Jagged Edge is ready to bring the essence of R&B back with their new project 'J.E. Heartbreak II.' The Atlanta quartet has made the album available for streaming through music site Pandora.

The 13-song collection, which is the sequel to their 2000 album of the same name, features production by Jagged Edge and Bryan-Michael Cox.

The group's previously released songs like 'Hope,' 'Ready' and 'Getting Over You' are  featured on the album. Among the standout tracks on the LP include the '90s throwback-sounding ballad 'Love Come Down,' the piano-driven 'It's Been You' and the slow-grinding song 'Wanna Be (Romeo).'

There's also uptempo tunes like 'Make It Clear,' in which J.E. sing the praises of a woman who has blinded them with her beauty. On the trap-R&B banger, 'Posters (We Stay On One),' the group celebrates their longevity in the game.

“With ‘J.E. Heartbreak II,’ we’ve created an album that represents the true essence of R&B: great story-telling, powerful vocals and creative melodies," said Dupri about the album.

Jagged Edge's 'J.E. Heartbreak II' will arrive in stores on Oct. 27. Listen to it below.

'J.E. Heartbreak II' Tracklist:

1. 'Intro'
2. 'Future'
3. 'Familiar'
4. 'Hope'
5. 'Things I Do For You'
6. 'Love Come Down'
7. 'It's Been You'
8. 'Wanna Be' (Romeo)
9. 'Getting Over You'
10. 'Ready'
11. 'Make It Clear'
12. 'No Half Steppin'
13. 'Posters' (We Stay On One)